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  • Crossfire

    Imagine possessing the paranormal ability to set someone on fire. Toast. Just by thinking about it. Junko Aoki has those pyrokinetic powers, and–in the third novel by Japanese horror-mystery writer Miyuki Miyabe to be translated into English–she’s using them to leave a trail of smoldering bodies across Tokyo.

  • The devotion of suspect X

    Yasuko Hanaoka thought she had escaped her abusive ex-husband Togashi. When he shows up one day, the situation quickly escalates and Togashi ends up dead. Yasuko’s next-door-neighbor Ishigami offers his help, not only disposing of the body, but plotting the cover-up as well.

  • Salvation for a saint

    When a man about to leave his wife is found murdered and the wife has a too-convenient alibi that convinces a smitten lead detective of her innocence, Professor Manubu Yukawa is tapped by a concerned Kaoru Utsumi to solve a seemingly impossible case.