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The Gun

Translated by Allison Markin Powell

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On a nighttime walk along a Tokyo riverbank, a young man named Nishikawa stumbles on a dead body, beside which lies a gun. From the moment Nishikawa decides to take the gun, the world around him blurs. Knowing he possesses the weapon brings an intoxicating sense of purpose to his dull university life. But soon Nishikawa’s personal entanglements become unexpectedly complicated: he finds himself romantically involved with two women while his biological father, whom he’s never met, lies dying in a hospital. Through it all, he can’t stop thinking about the gun, and the four bullets loaded in its chamber. As he spirals into obsession, his focus is consumed by one idea: that possessing the gun is no longer enough, he must fire it.

japanese title: Ju
subjects: College students
Psychological fiction
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781616957681
OCLC number: 948734501
publisher: Soho Crime
publication place: New York
japanese publication date: 2003
english publication date: 2016
document type: Book
description: 198, 15 pages ; 19 cm