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The Edogawa Rampo reader

Translated by Seth Jacobowitz

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notes: Contents: Preface: Prescriptions for Rampomania by Tatsumi Takayuki, Translator’s introduction by Seth Jacobowitz, The daydream, The Martian canals, The appearance of Osei, Poison weeds, The stalker in the attic, The air raid shelter, Doctor Mera’s mysterious crimes, The dancing dwarf, The horrors of film, Spectral voices, A passion for lenses, The phantom lord, My love for the printed word, Confessions of Rampo, Fingerprint novels of the Meiji Era, Dickens vs. Poe, An eccentric idea, A desire for transformation, Notes.
subjects: Detective and mystery stories, Japanese
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9784902075250
OCLC number: 303405757
publisher: Kurodahan Press
publication place: Fukuoka, Japan
english publication date: 2008
document type: Book
description: xlvii, 241 p. ; 21 cm.