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Translator: Warham, Paul

  • Plainsong

    A nameless, ambitionless office worker finds his small apartment gradually invaded by three other people: all younger than himself, but seemingly no less adrift. The year is 1986, and the strange communal life of this foursome, extending over half a year, makes up the plot, such as it is, of Plainsong, as this ersatz family…

  • Supermarket

    After he resigns from his elite banking job to help a cousin manage a supermarket in post-World War II Japan, Kojima is challenged by a woman from his childhood to consider whether his business goals are worth his efforts.

  • The cage

    Kazuya Takino leads a quiet life running a supermarket in the Tokyo suburbs. But when an extortionist tries to force him out of business, he finds himself drawn into the yakuza underworld – a world he once called home and thought he had left behind. Pursuing him is detective Takagi, an aficionado of French cigarettes…