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Translator: Saunders, Ernest Dale

  • The temple of dawn

    A young man expends his spirit in the obsessive pursuit of a beautiful woman and a passionate search for mystical enlightement.

  • Inter Ice age 4

  • The woman in the dunes

    In this famous postwar Japanese novel, the first of Abe’s to be translated into English, Niki Jumpei, an amateur entomologist in pursuit of a rare specimen of beetle, wanders into a strange seaside village, whose residents all live in sandpits. He is taken prisoner, and, along with a widow cast out by the community, he…

  • The face of another.

    In this intellectual horror story, a scientist hideously deformed in a laboratory accident–a man who has lost his face and, with it, his connection to other people. Even his wife is now repulsed by him. His only entry back into the world is to create a mask so perfect as to be undetectable. But soon…

  • The ruined map

  • The box man.