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The face of another.

Translated by Ernest Dale Saunders

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In this intellectual horror story, a scientist hideously deformed in a laboratory accident–a man who has lost his face and, with it, his connection to other people. Even his wife is now repulsed by him. His only entry back into the world is to create a mask so perfect as to be undetectable. But soon he finds that such a mask is more than a disguise–it is an alternate self, a self that is capable of anything.

japanese title: Tanin no kao
notes: Japanese title: Tanin no kao.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780307813725
OCLC number: 424253
publisher: Knopf, 1966; Perigree Books, 1980; Kodansha International, 1992; Vintage, 2003
publication place: New York; New York; New York; New York
japanese publication date: 1959
english publication date: 1966
document type: Book
description: 237 p. 22 cm.