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Translator: Okumura, Shohaku

  • Dogen’s extensive record : a translation of the Eihei koroku

    Dogen is known for two major works. The first work, the massive Shobogenzo (Treasury of the True Dharma Eye), represents his earlier teachings and exists in numerous English translations; the second work, the Eihei Koroku, is a collection including almost all his later teachings, such as short formal discourses to the monks training at his…

  • The wholehearted way : a translation of Eihei Dogen’s Bendowa with commentary

    Zen Master Dogen’s Bendowa is one of the primary texts on Zen practice. Transcending any particular school of Buddhism or religious belief, Dogen’s profound and poetic writings are respected as a pinnacle of world spiritual literature.” “Bendowa, or “A Talk on the Wholehearted Practice of the Way,” was written in 1231 and expresses Dogen’s teaching…