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Dogen’s extensive record : a translation of the Eihei koroku

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Dogen is known for two major works. The first work, the massive Shobogenzo (Treasury of the True Dharma Eye), represents his earlier teachings and exists in numerous English translations; the second work, the Eihei Koroku, is a collection including almost all his later teachings, such as short formal discourses to the monks training at his temple, longer informal talks, and koans with his commentaries, as well as short appreciatory verses on various topics. The Shobogenzo has received enormous attention in Western Zen and Western Zen literature, and with the publication of this watershed volume, the Eihei Koroku will surely rise to commensurate stature.” “Dogen’s Extensive Record is the first complete and scholarly translation of this monumental work into English. This edition contains extensive and detailed research and annotation by Taigen Dan Leighton and Shohaku Okumura, as well as forewords by the eighteenth-century poet-monk Ryokan and Tenshin Reb Anderson, Senior Dharma Teacher of the San Francisco Zen Center – plus introductory essays from Dogen scholar Steven Heine, and the prominent American Zen master John Daido Loori.

japanese title: Eihei koroku
notes: Japanese title: Eihei koroku. Contents: Foreword by Tenshin Reb Anderson, Introduction by Taigen Dan Leighton, Overview of Dogen’s teaching career, The move to Echizen, The significance of Eihei Koroku in Dogen’s writings, The question of shifts in Dogen’s teachings, Dogen’s great disciples and the spread of Soto Zen in Japan, Other disciples, Dogen’s use of koans, The Eihei Koroku text and translation notes, The Jodo (dharma hall discourses), volumes 1-7, The Shosan (informal meetings) and Hogo (dharma words), volume 8, Koans and juko (verse comments), volume 9, The poems, volume 10, Using Eihei Koroku as a practice tool, The significance of Eihei Koroku and its translation by Steven Heine, Dogen and koans by John Daido Loori, “On reading Eihei Koroku” by Ryokan, Eihei Koroku, Volume 1. Dharma hall discourses 1-126 (1236-1243), Volume 2. Dharma hall discourses 127-184 (1245-1246), Volume 3. Dharma hall discourses 185-257 (1246-1248), Volume 4. Dharma hall discourses 258-345 (1248-1249), Volume 5. Dharma hall discourses 346-413 (1249-1251), Volume 6. Dharma hall discourses 414-470 (1251), Volume 7. Dharma hall discourses 471-531 (1251-1252), Volume 8A. Informal meetings 1-20, Volume 8B. Dharma words 1-14, Volume 8C. Fukanzazengi, Volume 9. Koans with verse comments 1-90, Volume 10. Poetry, Verses of praise on portraits 1-5, [Dogen’s] verses of praise on portraits of himself 1-20, Assorted verses 1-125, Chronological index of dharma hall discourses with dates, Pinyin names with Japanese transliterations and kanji, Index of translators’ names of dharma hall discourses.
subjects: Zen poetry
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780861713059
OCLC number: 55286286
publisher: Wisdom Publications, 2004, 2010
publication place: Somerville, MA, Boston
english publication date: 2004
document type: Book
description: xv, 722 p. :-bill. ; 24 cm.