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Translator: Iwabuchi, Deborah

  • Beyond the blossoming fields

    As a young girl from a wealthy family, Ginko Ogino seems set for a conventional life in the male-dominated society of nineteenth-century Japan. But when she contracts gonorrhea from her husband, she suffers the disgrace of divorce. Forced to bear the humiliation of being treated by male doctors, she resolves to become a doctor herself…

  • The poison ape

    Detective Samejima works alone … because no one will work with him. Shunned by his peers, scorned by his superiors, and feared by the yakuza, “The Shark,” as he is called, works the dangerous Shinjuku section of Tokyo. This second installment of the popular Japanese series finds The Shark embroiled in a conflict among a…

  • Translucent tree

    When divorced single mother Chigiri Yamazaki is called on to care for her dying father, the last thing she expects to find is true love with someone from her past.