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Translator: Iwabuchi, Deborah Stuhr

  • Crossfire

    Imagine possessing the paranormal ability to set someone on fire. Toast. Just by thinking about it. Junko Aoki has those pyrokinetic powers, and–in the third novel by Japanese horror-mystery writer Miyuki Miyabe to be translated into English–she’s using them to leave a trail of smoldering bodies across Tokyo.

  • The sleeping dragon

    A fierce typhoon strikes Tokyo one night, flooding the city streets. Someone unlawfully removes a manhole cover, and a little boy out searching for a lost pet goes missing, possibly drowned in the sewers. Is it murder or accidental?

  • The devil’s whisper

    Slowly, the answers are uncovered by sixteen-year-old Mamoru, the nephew of the taxi driver currently being held by the police on charges of manslaughter for the death of the third victim. Determined to help his uncle, the enterprising young protagonist discovers that the girl killed by his uncle’s taxi had participated in a devious scam.