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Translator: Bester, John

  • Acts of worship : seven stories

    Here are seven stories of psychological insight and eroticism from Yukio Mishima.

  • Sun & steel.

    This is the personal testament of Japan’s greatest novelist, written shorty before his public suicide in 1970. Through Mishima’s finely wrought and emphatic prose, the mind and motivation behind his agonized search for personal identity is revealed.

  • Winds from afar.

    Sixteen short stories with underlying nature themes.

  • Once and forever : the tales of Kenji Miyazawa

    The magic of Miyazawa’s tales reaches out to people of all ages and lands. The sophisticated reader can savor them consciously as literature, while the younger reader can delight in them as imaginative stories that comment on and deepen his own experience. The underlying themes are universal, but the forms and treatment can be appreciated…

  • The Silent Cry

    Two brothers, Takashi and Mitsu, return from Tokyo to the village of their childhood. The selling of their family home leads them to a confrontation with their family history. Their attempt to escape the influence of the city ends in failure as they realize that its tentacles extend to everything in the countryside, including their…

  • The waiting years