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Winds from afar.

Translated by John Bester

Sixteen short stories with underlying nature themes.

notes: Contents: The Dahlias and the crane, Earthgod and the fox, The Bears of Mt. Nametoko, The Spider, the slug, and the raccoon, A Stem of lilies, The Restaurant of many orders, General Son Ba-yu and the three physicians, The Ungrateful rat, The Nighthawk star, Wildcat and the acorns, The Fire stone, Night of the festival, The First deer dance, Gorsh the cellist, The Kenju Wood, The Red blanket.
subjects: Children’s literature
Juvenile fiction
Short stories
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780870111716
OCLC number: 354708
publisher: Kodansha
publication place: Palo Alto, CA, Tokyo
english publication date: 1972
document type: Book
description: 164 p. illus. 27 cm.