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Toddler Hunting and Other Stories

Translated by Lucy North

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Winner of Japan’s top literary prizes (the Akutagawa, the Tanizaki, the Noma, and the Yomiuri), Taeko Kono writes with a strange beauty: her tales are pinpricked with disquieting scenes, her characters all teetering on self-dissolution, especially in the context of their intimate relationships. In the title story, the protagonist loathes young girls but compulsively buys expensive clothes for little boys so that she can watch them dress and undress. Kono’s detached gaze at this alarming behavior transfixes the reader: What are we hunting for? And why? Multiplying perspectives and refracting light from the facing mirrors of fantasy and reality, pain and pleasure, Toddler Hunting and Other Stories presents a major Japanese writer at her very best.

notes: Contents: Night journey, Full tide, Toddler-hunting, Snow, Theater, Crabs, Ants swarm, Final moments, Conjurer, Bone meat (translated by Lucy Lower). Afterword (2018) by Lucy North.
subjects: Sadomasochism
Short stories
Women authors
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780811228275
OCLC number: 1023547266
publisher: New Directions
publication place: New York
english publication date: 1996; 2018
document type: Book
description: xi, 272 p.; 5 x 8 in