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Things Remembered and Things Forgotten

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The ten acclaimed stories in this collection are pervaded by an air of Japanese ghostliness. In beautifully crafted and deceptively light prose, Nakajima portrays men and women beset by cultural amnesia and unaware of how haunted they are – by fragmented memories of war and occupation, by fading traditions, by buildings lost to firestorms and bulldozers, by the spirits of their recent past.

notes: Contents: Things remembered and things forgotten; When my wife was a shiitake; The life story of a sewing machine; Global Positioning System; Kirara’s paper plane; A special day; The pet civet; Childhood friends; The Harajuku House; The lost Obon
subjects: Short stories
Women authors
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781908745965
OCLC number: 1191243677
publisher: Sort Of
publication place: London
english publication date: 2021
document type: Book
description: 256 pages ; 20 cm
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