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The Trial of Pak Tal and other stories

Translated by Christopher D. Scott

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The so-called Zainichi Korean diaspora in Japan is a large and diverse community with a long and painful history that began with the Japanese colonization of Korea (1910-1945). One of the most prolific and influential Zainichi Korean writers in Japan, Kim Tal-su (1920-1997) left behind a wide body of work depicting the many social and psychological dilemmas that Zainichi Koreans face, such as passing and outing, racism and discrimination, and ethnic identity and political affiliation. This collection, which contains some of Kim’s most important shorter works, showcases his vitality and versatility as a writer. Together, these stories offer new perspectives on Zainichi Korean identity and agency and new horizons for rethinking Japanese and Korean history beyond the borders of the nation-state.

subjects: Korea
Short stories
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781624121487
OCLC number: 1371990678
publisher: Seoul Selection U.S.A.
publication place: Irvine
english publication date: 2022
document type: Book
description: 333 pages ; 21 cm