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Calling you

Translated by Agnes Yoshida

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This unique, beautifully drawn collection of stories examines the hidden truths behind what makes us truly human. In this manga, a girl creates a cell phone in her imagination, from which she can communicate with others… A young boy discovers his new friend has the power to heal others-and learns about true friendship and sacrifice… The healing power of love confronts the tragedy and horror of a deadly train accident.

japanese title: Kimi ni shika kikoenai
notes: Japanese title: Kimi ni shika kikoenai. Contents: Calling you, KIZ/KIDS, Flower song. Illustrations by Miyako Hasami.
genre: Manga
ISBN: 9781598168525
OCLC number: 83977417
publisher: Tokyopop
publication place: Los Angeles
japanese publication date: 2001
english publication date: 2007
document type: Book
description: v. <1> : ill. ; 18 cm.