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Gray men

Translated by Jonathan-Davies Lloyd

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Ryotaro Sakuma is your everyday service industry employee. He just happens to work for a jewelry store, where luxury defines status. Sadly Ryo does not fit into this world, so his own boss and his fellow co-workers consistently pick on him to the point where Ryo often comtemplates suicide. Upon making a decision to finally end it all, he hears a voice from a man in an ash-colored suit. This man in grey would call out to him and eventually lead him to what would hopefully be a better place. However, he may have been deceived. Instead, this GRAY would ask Ryo for his help in a major heist. A heist on the very shop Ryo used to work for. This was not some regular hold up either. They would execute a major break-in that would quickly redefine the lives of everyone involved. To do this would be to create a new first impression for life. Winner of the 2011 Golden Elephant Award for International Genre Fiction.

japanese title: Gurei men
notes: Japanese title: Gurei men.
subjects: Mystery and detective stories
Occupy movement
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781935654506
OCLC number: 828744758
publisher: Vertical
publication place: New York
japanese publication date: 2012
english publication date: 2013
document type: Book
description: 253 pages ; 21 cm.