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japanese title: Tenohira no shosetsu
notes: Japanese title: Tenohira no shosetsu. Short stories, including: A sunny place, The weaker vessel, The girl who approached the fire, A saw and childbirth, The grasshopper and the bell cricket, The ring, Hair, Canaries, Harbor town, Photograph, The white flower, The incident of the dead face, Glass, The O-shin jizo, The sliding rock, Thank you, The silverberry thief, Summer shoes, A child’s viewpoint, Love suicides, The maidens’ prayers, Toward winter, The sparrow’s matchmaking, The hat incident, One person’s happiness, There is a god, Goldfish on the roof, Mother, Morning nails, The young lady of Suruga, Yuriko, God’s bones, A smile outside the night stall, The blind man and the girl, The wife’s search, Her mother’s eye, Thunder in autumn, Household, The rainy station, At the pawnshop, Lavatory buddhahood, The man who did not smile, Samurai descendant, The rooster and the dancing girl, Makeup, The bound husband, Sleeping habit, Umbrella, Death mask, Faces, The younger sister’s clothes, The wife of the autumn wind, A pet dog’s safe birthing, Hometown, Water, The silver fifty-sen pieces, Tabi, The jay, Bamboo-leaf boats, Eggs, The snakes, Autumn rain, The neighbors, Up in the tree, Riding clothes, Immortality, Earth, The white horse, Snow, Gleanings from snow country.
subjects: Social life and customs
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780374530495
OCLC number: 82366142
publisher: North Point Press, 1988, 1990; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006
publication place: New York, San Francisco; New York
english publication date: 1988
document type: Book
description: xiv, 259 p. ; 19 cm.