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Kiku’s prayer : a novel

Translated by Van C. Gessel

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Endo Shusaku was a renowned twentieth-century Japanese author who wrote from the unusual perspective of being both Japanese and Catholic. His work is often compared to that of Graham Greene, who himself considered Endo one of the century’s finest writers. A historical novel set in the turbulent period between the fall of the shogunate and the Meiji Restoration, Kiku’s Prayer embodies themes central to Endo’s work, including religion, modernization, and the endurance of the human spirit. In Japan, the book is considered one of his late masterpieces and has never before been translated into.

subjects: 19th century
Young women, Fiction
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780231530835
OCLC number: 822532629
publisher: Columbia University Press, 2012, 2013
publication place: New York
english publication date: 2012
document type: Book
description: 312 S.
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