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Metal gear solid : guns of the patriots

Translated by Nathan Collins

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Solid Snake is a soldier and part of a worldwide nanotechnology network known as the Sons of the Patriots. Time is running out for Snake though, as he will soon succumb to the FOXDIE virus, but not before spreading the disease to nearly everyone he encounters, in essence becoming a walking biological weapon. Snake will need every advantage he can get, as the SOP network is about to be hacked by his old enemy Liquid Ocelot, and whoever controls SOP controls the world.

japanese title: Metaru gia soriddo ganzu obu za patoriotto
notes: Japanese title: Metaru gia soriddo ganzu obu za patoriotto.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781421540016
OCLC number: 712117297
publisher: Haikasoru
publication place: San Francisco
japanese publication date: 2008
english publication date: 2012
document type: Book
description: 450 p.