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The shadow of a blue cat : a novel

Translated by Wayne P. Lammers

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Businessman Yuki Yajima is fifty-one years old. He and his wife, Asako, are the parents of two daughters: Ryo, seventeen, and Yuka, an infant of only two months. Asking himself why he’s allowed himself to become a father again at his age, Yuki begins to remember his uncle, who died quite young–younger, indeed, than Yuki is now. Thinking of this man, whom the young Yuki idolized, and who first introduced the boy to authors like Kenzaburo Oe and the Marquis de Sade, serves as a strange tipping point: allowing a sense of chaos and complexity back into his otherwise well-heeled life. A rare work of fiction focused simply on a man of integrity.

japanese title: Aoneko kazoku tentenroku
notes: Japanese title: Aoneko kazoku tentenroku. A Japanese Literature Publishing Project selection.
subjects: Businessmen
Middle-aged men
Older parents
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781564786418
OCLC number: 668193888
publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
publication place: Champaign, IL, London
japanese publication date: 2006
english publication date: 2011
document type: Book
description: 270 p. ; 21 cm.