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The key

Translated by Howard Hibbett

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In The Key, a middle-aged professor plies his wife of thirty years with any number of stimulants, from brandy to a handsome young lover, in order to reach new heights of pleasure. Their alternating diaries record their separate adventures, but whether for themselvess or each other becomes the question.

japanese title: Kagi
notes: Japanese title: Kagi.
subjects: Adultery
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780679730231
OCLC number: 646866455
publisher: Knopf, 1960, 1971; Berkley Pub. Corp., 1960, 1971; New American Library, 1960, 1962; Putnam, 1981; Vintage, 1991
publication place: New York; New York; New York; New York; New York
japanese publication date: 1956
english publication date: 1960
document type: Book
description: 183 p. 21 cm.