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Post-war Japanese poetry


notes: Contents: Two Worlds, Nights, The Sods!, Dark Blaze by Yamazaki Eiji, Rice, Beware!, The Philosopher, The Cry by Amano Tadashi, The Way My Poetry Should Go, Song of the Light- Bulb, The Foot of the Mountain, Firefly, Poor Quarter Psalm by Kamimura Hajime, Funeral Train, That Morning in Samarkand by Ishihara Yoshiro, The Form of Summer, Cold Wind, A Short Train by Kisaragi Makoto, The Stake, Only a Poet, Suddenly, In a Light Breeze by Kuroda Saburo, This Bloody-Awful Country by Nakagiri Masao, Still Life, Monks by Yoshioka Minoru, Saigon 1943, Maritime Graves, The Dead Man, Morning Song at the Marine Hotel by Ayukawa Nobuo, The Prisoner, The Shadow I, The Shadow II, The Wall, Magic Lantern, Sunset by Miyoshi Toyoichiro, The Aquarium, The Isle of Dreams by Yamanaka Ryojiro, Rain, Garden, Short Poems, An Autumn Holiday: Evening to Night by Kitamura Taro, Castles, Fautrier’s Birds by Naka Taro, The Far Country, Unseen Trees, A Man Who Writes a Poem by Tamura Ryuichi, Mao Tse-Tung by Tanigawa Gan, River or Sandbank, Rain, Prisoner, Cloud and Sky, Anti-War, The Sea Has Already Been Reduced To Pus by Niikuni Seiichi, Lighthouses, Walking Song by Yamamoto Taro, Children, Invisible Messengers by Ibaragi Noriko, To My First Child, Sunset Colours, Concerning Human Space by Yoshino Hiroshi, Daydream Guerrilla by Kuroda Kio, Being, I’m, Days by Takano Kikuo, Really, Explanation by Fujitomi Yasuo, New Style Terrorist, An Owl Looks Down, At the Barber’s by Hasegawa Ryusei, The End of the War to End All Wars: A Sky For Strangers and Out of the Sand, The Sky, Just Once by Iijima Koichi, Waves, Letter From an Old Friend by Horikawa Masami, Shining, Song Two, Song Five by Irisawa Yasuo, Touch, Boyhood, Without Sentimentality by Ooka Makoto, Improvisation on My Desk, The Silent Room, The Poem-Man I Didn’t Know, The Yellow Poet by Tanikawa Shuntaro, Minor Interview, Subjective Song by Iwata Hiroshi, Water and Ice by Kaminura Hiro, In the Wall by Suzuki Shiroyasu, Life Story by Tomioka Taeko, Seat (A Blue One), Revolution, Blood Sunday by Amazawa Taijiro, Looking-Glass by Tanabu Hiroshi, Stone by Kajino Hideo, A Tableau for Sunset, Winter, 1955 by Takahashi Mutsuo, Eye by Yoshizawa Shoji, Wind, Late Night Show by Watanabe Takenobu, Burning by Yoshimasu Gozo, Forest by Ishii Yutaka.
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780140421453
OCLC number: 622904
publisher: Penguin Books
publication place: Baltimore, MD
english publication date: 1972
document type: Book
description: 165 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.