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Popular hits of the Showa era

Translated by Ralph F. McCarthy

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Describes a “gang war” between six aimless youths and six tough, independent career women battling for control of a Tokyo neighborhood and exacting revenge when one of them succumbs to a lethal ambush.

japanese title: Showa kayo daizenshu
notes: Japanese title: Showa kayo daizenshu.
subjects: Divorced women
Humorous stories
Young men, Japan, Fiction
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780393338423
OCLC number: 601105898
publisher: W.W. Norton & Co., 2010, 2011; Pushkin Press, 2013
publication place: New York, London
japanese publication date: 1994
english publication date: 2010
document type: Book
description: 192 p. ; 21 cm.