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A reporter, Asakawa, connects the death of his niece to the deaths of three other high school students. During his investigation, he discovers a videotape with a terrible warning: “Those who view these images are fated to die at this exact moment one week from now.” With the aid of a friend, Asakawa traces the video to an alleged psychic and her daughter, Sadako. As in a classic ghost story, fate singles out one, often innocent character as a scapegoat. But the misogynistic society that persecutes Sadako and her mother must ultimately bear witness to its sin-or perish.

japanese title: Ringu
notes: Japanese title: Ringu.
subjects: Journalists
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781932234008
OCLC number: 52860227
publisher: Vertical, 2002, 2003, 2004
publication place: New York
japanese publication date: 1991
english publication date: 2002
document type: Book
description: 356 p. ; 22 cm.
related: Ring Trilogy, Book 1