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The dancing girl of Izu and other stories

Translated by J. Martin Holman

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Twenty-three stories by a Japanese writer. The subjects include beggars, Buddhist priests and love dramas. The story, Diary of My Sixteenth Year, is on the friendship of a boy and his grandfather.

japanese title: Izu no Odoriko
notes: Japanese title: Izu no Odoriko. Contents: One. The dancing girl of Izu. Diary of my sixteenth year. Oil. The master of funerals. Gathering ashes. Two. Hurrah. The princess of the dragon palace. The money road. Chastity under the roof. The moon. Enemy. A woman. Frightening love. Horse beauty. The sea. Hands. The third-class waiting room. The watch. History. Birthplace. Burning the pine boughs. A prayer in the mother tongue. The setting sun.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781887178143
OCLC number: 51557000
publisher: Counterpoint, 1997, 1998
publication place: Washington, D.C.
japanese publication date: 1926
english publication date: 1997
document type: Book
description: x, 160 p. ; 21 cm.