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Early modern Japanese literature : an anthology, 1600-1900

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This unique anthology is the first representative collection of Japanese literature from one of the most creative periods in Japanese culture, known variously as the Edo or the Tokugawa. It includes a wide range of fiction, poetry, and drama, and also essays, literary criticism, folk stories, and other noncanonical works with a number of new translations. Focuses on the early modern period in Japanese literature. This anthology introduces English readers to prose fiction genres, including dangibon (satiric sermons), kibyoshi (satiric and didactic picture books), sharebon (books of wit and fashion), yomihon (reading books), kokkeibon (books of humor), and gokan (bound books).

notes: Contents: Early modern Japan, Kana booklets and the emergence of a print culture, Parodies, Fake tales, Composing Haiku, The Poetics of Haiku, Chinese poetry and the literatus ideal, Chinese poetry, Eighteenth-Century waka and nativist study, Kibyoshi: satiric and diadactic picture books, Kokkeibon: Comic fiction for commoners, Ninjobon: sentimental fiction, Ghosts and nineteenth-century Kabuki, Late Yomihon: history and the supernatural revisited, Early-nineteenth-century Haiku, Waka in the late Edo Period.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780231109901
OCLC number: 48084101
publisher: Columbia University Press, 2002, 2004
publication place: New York, Chichester
english publication date: 2002
document type: Book
description: xxiv, 1027 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
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