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American stories

Translated by Mitsuko Iriye

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Based on his sojourn from Japan to Washington State, Michigan, and New York City in the early years of the twentieth century, these stories, at last available in English, represent a classic account of turn-of-the-century America by one of the greatest Japanese writers of the modern era.

japanese title: Amerika monogatari
notes: Japanese title: Amerika monogatari. Contents: 1. Night Talk in a Cabin 2. A Return Through the Meadow 3. Atop the Hill 4. The Inebriated Beauty 5. Long Hair 6. Spring and Autumn 7. Lodging on a Snowy Night 8. In the Woods 9. Bad Company 10. Old Regrets 11. Rude Awakening 12. Ladies of the Night 13. January First 14. Daybreak 15. Two Days in Chicago 16. The Sea in Summer 17. Midnight at a Bar 18. Fallen Leaves 19. Chronicle of Chinatown 20. Night Stroll 21. A June Night’s Dream 22. A Night at Seattle Harbor 23. Night Fog
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780231117906
OCLC number: 469616538
publisher: Columbia University Press, 2000, 2013
publication place: New York
japanese publication date: 1908
english publication date: 2000
document type: Book
description: xxvii, 239 s. ; 21 cm.