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First snow on Fuji

Translated by Michael Emmerich

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First published in 1958, this collection is concerned with forms of presence and absence, with being, with memory and loss of memory, with not-knowing, and with the lives of people who have been shattered by war, loss, and longing.

japanese title: Fuji no hatsuyuki
notes: Japanese title: Fuji no hatsuyuki. Contents: This country, that country, A row of trees, Nature, Raindrops, Chrysanthemum in the rock, First snow on Fuji, Silence, Her husband didn’t, Yumiura, The boat-women.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781582430225
OCLC number: 462289502
publisher: Counterpoint
publication place: Washington, D.C.
english publication date: 1999
document type: Book
description: xiii, 227 p. ; 21 cm.