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The Oxford book of Japanese short stories

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Beginning with the late nineteenth-century writings which first assimilated and reworked Western literary traditions, and coming right up to the younger generation dealing with the pitfalls and paradoxes of modern life, this anthology offers a stimulating survey of the development of the Japanese short story, the Japanese literary genre.

notes: Contents: Sansho the Steward by Mori Ogai, The third night by Natsume Soseki, The bonfire by Kunikida Doppo, Separate ways by Higuchi Ichiyo, The peony garden by Nagai Kafu, Night fires by Shiga Naoya, Aguri by Tanizaki Junichiro, Blowfish by Satomi Ton, Portrait of an old geisha by Okamoto Kanoko, In a grove by Akutagawa Ryunosuke, The bears of Nametoko by Miyazawa Kenji, Spring riding in a carriage by Yokomitsu Riichi, Carp by Ibuse Masuji, The Izu dancer by Kawabata Yasunari, Lemon by Kajii Motojiro, The accordion and the fish town by Hayashi Fumiko, The flower-eating crone by Enchi Fumiko, Blind Chinese soldiers by Hirabayashi Taiko, In the forest, under cherries in full bloom by Sakaguchi Ango, Passage in Fudaraku by Inoue Yasushi, Merry Christmas by Dazai Osamu, The expert by Nakajima Atsushi, The rifle by Kojima Nobuo, Unzen by Endo Shusaku, The bet by Abe Kobo, Three policemen by Yoshiyuki Junnosuke, Onnagata by Mishima Yukio, Toddler-hunting by Kono Taeko, Mr. Carp by Mukoda Kuniko, The duel by Kaiko Takeshi, Prize stock by Oe Kenzaburo, A very strange, enchanted boy by Tsushima Yuko, The elephant vanishes by Murakami Haruki, Desert dolphin by Shimada Masahiko, Dreaming of Kimchee by Yoshimoto banana.
subjects: Short stories, Japanese, Translations into English
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780192833044
OCLC number: 456096149
publisher: Oxford University Press, 1997, 2003, 2010
publication place: Oxford, New York
english publication date: 1997
document type: Book
description: xxxi, 452 str. ; 22 cm.