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Five by Endo : stories

Translated by Van C. Gessel

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Here gathered in this small volume are five of the Japanese writer Shusaku Endo’s short stories exemplifying his style and his interests, presenting, as it were, Endo in a nutshell. “Unzen,” the opening story, touches on the subject of Silence, Endo’s most famous novel – that is the torture and martyrdom of Christians in seventeenth-century Japan. Next comes “A Fifty-year-old Man” in which Mr. Chiba takes up ballroom dancing and faces the imminent death of his brother and his dog Whitey. In “Japanese in Warsaw” a business man has a strange encounter; in “The Box” an old photo album and a few postcards have a tale to reveal. Finally included is “The Case of Isobe,” the opening chapter of Endo’s wonderful novel Deep River.

notes: Contents: Unzen, A fifty-year-old man, Japanese in Warsaw, The box, The case of Isobe.
subjects: Short stories, Japanese
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780811214391
OCLC number: 42810750
publisher: New Directions
publication place: New York
english publication date: 2000
document type: Book
description: 84 p. ; 18 cm.