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Translated by Harold Wright

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japanese title: Hibi no chizu
notes: Contents: Song in Praise of Kanda, Dirge of Shinjuku, The Law of Perspective, City, Smile, August 15, 1945, Hometown I’ve Never Seen, Back, Crying, Being Wrong, Seeing You From Behind, Road, Men, Bodies, Him, Clowning, So You Can See, Morning, The Rattan Chair, My Own Record of Cotton, Recovery, Refrain, Private Equivalent, Toothache, Going to Bed, Song Without Words, Another Person, Drawing Patterns in the Sand, Pictureless Picture Postcard, Lamenting the Dusk, To Kill a Wife, A Dirge for John Lennon. Includes Japanese text in romanization.
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780942668490
OCLC number: 35627605
publisher: Katydid Books. Distributed by University of Hawaii Press
publication place: Santa Fe, Honolulu
japanese publication date: 1982
english publication date: 1996
document type: Book
description: 105 p. : map ; 24 cm.
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