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Honeymoon to nowhere

Translated by Sadako Mizuguchi

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A State Prosecutor Kirishima mystery. Etsuko loves the shy, young lecturer who clumsily (albeit charmingly) courts her. Her family does not. His past is suspect – unthinkable for a suitor in Japan. They marry anyway. On their wedding night he is called away by an urgent phone call. By morning he is still missing.

japanese title: Zero no mitsugetsu
notes: Japanese title: Zero no mitsugetsu. Other titles: No patent on murder.
subjects: Detective stories
Lawyers, Fiction
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781569471548
OCLC number: 3435479
publisher: Playboy Press, 1965, 1977; Alexander Besher / Oneiric Press, 1977; Soho Press, Inc., 1995, 1999, 2002, 2003
publication place: Chicago; Tiburon, CA; New York
japanese publication date: 1965
english publication date: 1965
document type: Book
description: 284 p. ; 18 cm.