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Beneath the sleepless tossing of the planets : selected poems, 1972-1989

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japanese title: Hoshi no negaeri no shita de
notes: Contents: Daybreak Leaf Alive, A Perspective Diagram of Summer, All About the Wind, Dreaming Sam Francis, Incantation, Her Fragrant Flesh, Or How I Met a Madwoman, Speak Please I Beg You, Fruits of Light, Insects’ Dreams, Chof I, Chofu IV, London Precipice, Saki’s Numazu, Cerebropolis, Rhymopolis, Chofu VIII, California: Unvoiced Harmonies, The Principles of Poetry, Two Eyes, The Him Called Me, To Art Museums, Life Story, Snow Outside, Valley Stream Reflects the Mountain Light, Children’s Song, On Human Life, What is Poetry? #1, What is Poetry? #2, What is Poetry? #3, What is Poetry? #4, What is Poetry? #6, What is Poetry? #8, What is Poetry? #10, What is Poetry? #12, What is Poetry? #15: The Case of a Star, What is Poetry? #17: The Case of Rain, What is Poetry? #21, What is Poetry? #24: Rules for Its Creation and Interpretation, Comrades, the Earth is Cold, History, 18 Lines Written in Anger. Preface by Shuntaro Tanikawa.
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780942668452
OCLC number: 33206425
publisher: Katydid Books. Distributed by University of Hawaii Press. Kurodahan Press
publication place: Santa Fe, Honolulu. Fukuoka
english publication date: 1995, 2018
document type: Book
description: xviii, 173 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
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