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Translated by Ann Sherif

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Six short stories by a Japanese woman writer known for her unusual themes. In Blood and Water, a woman abandons the religious commune where she was raised, goes to the big city and finds another idol of worship, a charismatic lover. The story looks at the connection between spiritual and romantic fervor. By the author of Kitchen.

japanese title: Tokage
notes: Japanese title: Tokage. Short stories, including: Newlywed, Lizard, Helix, Dreaming of Kimchee, Blood and water, A strange tale from down by the river.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780802115645
OCLC number: 30974251
publisher: Washington Square Press, 1993, 1996; Grove Press, 1995
publication place: New York; New York
japanese publication date: 1993
english publication date: 1993
document type: Book
description: ix, 180 p. ; 20 cm.