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A poet’s anthology : the range of Japanese poetry

Translated by Janine Beichman

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Translated by Janine Beichman, with Japanese originals in both kanji-kana and romaji versions. An ideal tool for the study of the Japanese poetic tradition by an internationally esteemed former president of PEN Japan, the author of over 19 collections of poetry and over 180 other works.

japanese title: Oriori no uta
notes: Preface by Donald Keene.
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780942668377
OCLC number: 28800216
publisher: Katydid Books. Distributed by University of Hawaii Press
publication place: Santa Fe, Honolulu
english publication date: 1994
document type: Book
description: xiv, 198 p.; illustrations; 23 cm.
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