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The lord of the sands of time

Translated by Jim Hubbert

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Sixty-two years after human life on Earth was annihilated by rampaging alien invaders, the enigmatic Messenger O is sent back in time with a mission to unite humanity of past eras–during the Second World War and ancient Japan, and even back to the dawn of the species itself–to defeat the invasion before it begins. However, in a future shredded by war and genocide, love waits for O. Will O save humanity only to doom himself?

japanese title: Tokisuna no oo
notes: Japanese title: Tokisuna no oo.
subjects: Cyborgs
Science fiction
Time travel
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781421527628
OCLC number: 283802663
publisher: VIZ Media
publication place: San Francisco
english publication date: 2009
document type: Book
description: 199 p. ; 21 cm.