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Translated by Terry Gallagher

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In the human zoo it’s hard to tell who has the keys to the cage.

notes: Contents: 1. Song of the sunny spot, 2. Kazari and Yoko, 3. So-far, 4. ZOO, 5. Find the blood!, 6. The White house in the cold forest, 7. Wardrobe, 8. Words of god, 9. In a park at twilight, a long time ago, 10. In a falling airplane, 11. Seven rooms.
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781421525877
OCLC number: 255142017
publisher: Haikasoru, 2009, 2010
publication place: San Francisco
japanese publication date: 2006
english publication date: 2009
document type: Book
description: 257 p. ; 21 cm.