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The Best Japanese science fiction stories

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notes: Contents: The Flood by Kobo Abe, Cardboard box by Ryo Hanmura, Tansu by Ryo Hanmura, Bokko-chan by Shinichi Hoshi, He-y, come on ou-t! by Shinichi Hoshi, The Road to the sea by Takashi Ishikawa, The Empty field by Morio Kita, The Savage mouth by Sakyo Komatsu, Take your choice by Sakyo Komatsu, Triceratops by Tensei Kono, Fnifmum by Taku Mayumura, Standing woman by Yasutaka Tsutsui, The Legend of the paper spaceship by Tetsu Yano.
subjects: Science fiction, Japanese, Translations into English
Short stories, Japanese, Translations into English
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780942637069
OCLC number: 17732176
publisher: Dembner Books, 1989; W W Norton & Co, Inc., 1990; Barricade Books, 1997, 2000
publication place: New York; New York; New York
english publication date: 1989
document type: Book
description: 176 p. ; 22 cm.