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The budding tree : six stories of love in Edo

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In the latter half of the Edo period, the warrior caste was finding itself pushed out of the top echelons of Japanese society & repeated famines swept the countryside. Against this backdrop, a small number of women built themselves independent lives. The stories in this book recount the conditions in which these women lived.

japanese title: Koiwasuregusa
notes: Japanese title: Koiwasuregusa. Contents: Love’s chill wind, Eight-tenths a man, No time for tears, Innocent in love, Forget-me-not, The budding tree.
subjects: Edo period
Women, Social conditions
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781564784896
OCLC number: 154308861
publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
publication place: Champaign, IL
english publication date: 2008
document type: Book
description: 170 p. ; 24 cm.