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One hundred poets, one poem each : a translation of the Ogura hyakunin isshu

Translated by Peter McMillan

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Compiled in the thirteenth century, the “Ogura Hyakunin Isshu” is one of Japan’s most quoted and illustrated works, as influential to the development of Japanese literary traditions as “The Tale of Genji” and “The Tales of Ise.” This text is an anthology

japanese title: Ogura hyakunin isshu
notes: Japanese title: Ogura hyakunin isshu. Foreword by Donald Keene. Afterword by Eileen Kato.
subjects: Hyakunin isshu
genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780231143981
OCLC number: 122526663
publisher: Columbia University Press, 2008, 2010
publication place: New York
english publication date: 2008
document type: Book
description: xlii, 194 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.