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Autumn wind and other stories

Translated by Lane Dunlop

Westerners familiar only with stereotypical images of bowing geisha and dark-suited businessmen will be surprised by the cast of characters translator Lane Dunlop introduces in this anthology. Lovers of fiction and students of Japan are certain to find these stories absorbing, engaging and instructive.

notes: Contents: The fox by Nagai Kafu, Flash storm by Satomi Ton, The garden by Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Grass by Juichiya Gisaburo, Mount Hiei by Yokomitsu Riichi, Ivy gates by Okamoto Kanoko, Autumn wind by Nakayama Gishu, The titmouse by Kawabata Yasunari, One woman and the war by Sakaguchi Ango, Borneo diamond by Hayashi Fumiko, Along the mountain ridge by Kita Morio, Ugly demons by Kurahashi Yumiko, Bamboo flowers by Minakami Tsutomu, Invitation to suicide by Watanabe Junichi.
subjects: Short stories
genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9784805308509
OCLC number: 122285148
publisher: Tuttle, 1994, 1999
publication place: Rutland, VT, New York
english publication date: 1994
document type: Book
description: 264 s.