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Translator: Mathy, Francis

  • Mon (The gate)

    The Gate describes the world of the humble clerk Sosuke and his wife Oyone, living in quiet obscurity in a house at the bottom of a cliff. Childless, the couple find themselves having to take responsibility for Sosuke’s younger brother. Oyone’s health begins to fail, and news that Oyone’s ex-husband will be visiting near by…

  • Wonderful fool

    Gaston Bonaparte, a young Frenchman, visits Tokyo to stay with his pen-pal Takamori. His appearance is a bitter disappointment to his new friends and his behavior causes them acute embarrassment. He is a trusting person with a simple love for others, and he continues to trust even after they have demonstrated deceit and betrayal. He…

  • The golden country

    A play about Christian martyrs in Japan.