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Author: Kitakata Kenzo

  • The cage

    Kazuya Takino leads a quiet life running a supermarket in the Tokyo suburbs. But when an extortionist tries to force him out of business, he finds himself drawn into the yakuza underworld – a world he once called home and thought he had left behind. Pursuing him is detective Takagi, an aficionado of French cigarettes…

  • Ashes

  • Winter sleep

    Nakagi, an ex-con painter who has sequestered himself in a mountain cabin, is trying to elevate his art. The only thing breaking his solitude are the visits of two women: an art dealer who wants him to produce the sort of paintings that she would like to buy from him, and a young, aspiring, and…

  • City of refuge

    Koji killed 2 gangsters for the woman he loves, for Makiko. The sensation of the murder on Koji’s hands is still fresh. Now he’s running from the police as well as the mob.